Push Media Ventures Ltd is the holding company for the Push group of companies.


Established in 2005 by Simon Scott and Ian Shurmer.

Push Entertainment is a specialist provider of digital products and services, primarily targeted at the music and entertainment industries. 

Our passion is to work with our clients, share their vision, understand their business problems and then deliver the appropriate solution using a best of breed technologies.

These are backed up by our support team, including out of hours critical support when needed.

This melding of business understanding and solid technical delivery is the key differentiator behind our success and allows us to bring fresh inspiration to the digital products and services we offer.

Push works with global entertainment brands including Universal, Sony & Warner. We enjoy central contracts with both Universal Music and Sony Entertainment to provide WordPress and consumer loyalty services.


Established in 2008 by Simon Scott and Ian Shurmer.

We are a modern merchandising company, with in-house product development, a propitiatory technology platform and the social media savvy to generate sales and revenues for ourselves, and our partners.

Our approach to on-line retail recognises the fast moving and viral nature of the marketplace that now exists.

We combine a network of our own stores, third party marketplaces and ‘just in time’ manufacturing to deliver a full global solution.

Primarily focused on the Entertainment and Lifestyle sectors, we identify passion centers, that in most cases are under serviced, but where a need exists.

We then identify key partners within each sector and work alongside them to establish the market and mutually benefit in the financial returns.

Push works with global brands. Come and join us.